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2016-05-28 -- UPDATE May 28, 2016

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2016-05-28 -- UPDATE May 28, 2016

Post: # 17212Post lonlyboy
Sat May 28, 2016 2:37 pm

It's a new year, new scripts, and it's time to get things rolling again. We are in the process of reloading all our NAV files to the download section. As of this posting, all the Nav Packs are loaded. We will work toward adding the individual files again. As you know by the quantity of files we have, this could take a little while.

Please note. Links within posts may not work. You can refer to our download section to find most of the files indicated. If the files are not in the download section, sorry, we don't have time to go through all the posts and fix the issues.

Once the forum is completely up to date, we will begin looking at adding new NAV files. If you have any special requests, please put them under the requests forum.

Happy Naving.

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