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2005-09-06 -- UPDATE September 06, 2005

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2005-09-06 -- UPDATE September 06, 2005

Post: # 453Post lonlyboy
Tue Sep 06, 2005 10:09 pm

As most of you probably have noticed, we have made a few minor
changes and additions to our site. Here are a few examples of some
changes that have happened.

1) We re-organized the 'download' section to make it easier to view.

2) We added a section for 'entity' modifications for CS:CZ.

3) We added a section for 'Map Overviews'.

We have a good strong user base started. We are constantly working on
more and more hand tuned .navs.

With that in mind. We are looking for people to help us out. One of the
projects we could use some good help on is 'Place Painting' nav files.
We have one Nav Team member that doesn't like to place paint, but can
create .navs like mad. Anyone interested in simply 'Place Painting' please
feel free to email us at: helpwanted@csnavcentral.com.

Starting to NAV more CS:S .... watch for updates
pwning Iraq, one terrorist at a time.